How it Works

The MatrixRay Difference

  • No budget planning
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Free software download and activation
  • Free DICOM Image Viewer built-in
  • Free Scanning
  • Free Query and Retrieve
  • Free Network Sending
  • Free One-Click Anonymize
  • Free Import Disc
  • Free SOP Class Filtering
  • Pay for what you use


Frequently Asked Questions

Print to DICOM - Print any document, image, picture, for, slide, report in any program including browsers into a patient folder as a DICOM object. New DICOM image may be sent to PACS or sent through exchange.
Paper/Document Scanning - Just attach any TWAIN compatible scanner to scan in reports, patient forms, labs, slides, pictures and more.
Query and Retrieve - QR any DICOM compliant workstation, acquisition device, or PACS to bring studies into the Matrix.
DICOM Send - Send studies to any DICOM compliant workstation, acquisition device, or PACS.
Burn CDs or DVDs with DICOM viewer - Burn discs with a DICOM viewer. Discs may be burned as DICOM only or encrypted. Studies will span multiple discs.
Publish to Folder - Send any patient to a local or network folder along with DICOM viewer. User may also publish directly to a flash drive.
Anonymize - Quickly strip all patient identifiers and tags with one click. Great for secondary review, tumor boards, symposium and more.
TAG Editor - Just click on the tag you want to edit and save.
Import - Import DICOM and any other formats to convert to DICOM. Edit tags and demographics on import, or match to modality work list. Great for multi-study or multi-patient imports.
Import Rules - Apply certain rules to your importing such as 'delete accession number' to prevent unspecified studies. Use any DICOM tag to create a rule!
Robust DICOM Viewer - Easy to use DICOM viewer with many intuitive tools for users at every level.
Masking of Image Data - Viewer may be used for quality control including the masking of image data such as ultrasound overlays and scanned film.
Merge - Merge studies, series and patient files.
Convert DICOM - Convert DICOM images to either jpegs or multi-frame images to WMV. Great for presentations, teaching, or file keeping.
Encryption - Encrypt studies secure with patient birthdate as password.
SOP Class Filter - Automatically delete and manage specific tags to eliminate issues with storage and restoration of images.
There are many more features not listed.
No. MatrixRay is a true pay-per-use service. There are no minimums, no subscriptions, no set-up fees, no maintenance fees, and no hidden fees. If you choose cloud storage as an option, there is a fee. If you don't send a study, there is no fee - and you can use all of the other great tools at no cost - ever.
No, simply drag-and-drop studies onto the web interface to exchange.
There is no fee for receiving a study. There are no fees for bringing any type of study into your MatrixRay. There is only a fee to send a study out. Credit card is used to verify identity for security reasons for immediate use. Standard registration takes 5 to 45 minutes (48 hours max).
MatrixRay will work on most network configurations. Some institutions may have higher level security protocols that will require some level of permission. These permissions are generally around opening a port and/or including MatrixRay in the list of accepted programs.
Yes. You may connect to any PACS systems. Some PACS may require permission to Query and Retrieve. Ask your PACS administrator to include your MatrixRay.
Yes. You may send to any patient by using our simple, fast and secure method of moving studies. There is no storage of the study, therefore you may achieve ‘clean hands’ by transferring responsibility to the patient with the MatrixRay platform.
Annual subscriptions are available that include cloud storage - viewable anywhere, and on any device.
All updates are free. Updates are automatic and checked each time the software is started.
Initial set-up is free. If there are special circumstances or extensive support, there may be a fee of $150.00 per hour for a technician. This would be agreed ahead of time. Typical set-up is a few minutes.
MatrixRay goes beyond the requirements of HIPAA to offer the most secure DICOM distribution system available. This software platform is used by hundreds of institutions and more than 30 of the top 50 medical centers in the USA.
With our proprietary compression tool and transfer technology, we can move a typical sized study (40MB) in less than a minute anywhere in the world. Certain formats and sizes may produce different results.
Yes. Knowing the recipient's e-mail address is all that is required to send them an invitation to join. Downloading and setting up an account only takes a couple minutes and they will then be able to receive the study you send. The recipient will become a MatrixRay user and can be added to your destinations list.
There is no limit to the size of transferring a study or patient folder. The processing time of very large studies or patient folders may create delays not experienced with smaller sizes.
Yes. There are settings for proxy server environments.
Yes. If the bill goes beyond 90 days, 3 warning emails and possibly a phone call will be placed to warn of the potential cut-off date.
We offer three additional features to meet special requirements.
  • Film Scanning - Scan in legacy film and priors with any VIDAR Film USB Scanner.
  • Web Interface - Our web interface is just like sitting in front of the system. Users and passwords may be created for a multi-instance multi-user site. Works with LDAP network settings.
  • Multiple viewers are available for PET/CT, Ventricle Measurements, and OEM options based upon site PACS.